Friday, December 12, 2014


Technology & How It’s Turning Us Into Robots 
By Joanna Augustynowicz

Technology and How It's Turning Us Into Robots begins to underline the effects of computer interactivity amongst college students whom are the most vulnerable to these cultural shifts. As we proceed through time and space, computers begin to introduce themselves as a threat to the lives of students from the way they feel, think and act. Ranging from their academic experiences and information processing, to the way we perceive relationships and connectivity amongst one another. Inevitably, the dependency for computers to suffice for people's every want and need increases it's role in the lives of students who use such devices for information, communication and entertainment. Ironically, computers introduce themselves as a self-defeating mechanism as it disrupts information flow, creates privatization and social disengagement that is followed by anxiety and agitation when withdrawn from such devices. In this article, these issues are brought to light focusing on college students that invest their money into an education that they are presumably not receiving due to the increased availability of computer usage. Concluding that computers not only provide students with an endless database of opportunity, but interrupts their daily lives while decreasing the quality of education.

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